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Macaroni McDuffy

Author: GiGi Beuter

Age Group: 7 to 9
Lexile Range:

About the series: Macaroni McDuffy is as curious as Curious George. She is quite smart, very observant with super memory and because of these traits she can also solve mysteries of all kinds. She is also very special for a number of reasons. She has a rare illness known as Fanconi's anemia. Children born with this disease often tend to be smaller than average, and may have birth defects, such as underdeveloped arms and legs. But Macaroni does not allow her disability to stop her; she uses a special chair to solve mysteries in her tall apartment building in Chicago.

Saving Snowy the Dog
Saving Snowy the Dog
Buy Macaroni McDuffy: Saving Snowy the Dog

The Mystery of The Jeweled Case
The Mystery of The Jeweled Case
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