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Malice by Chris Wooding


The Malice Series
Chris Wooding

Scholastic (Hardcover)
ISBN-10: 0-545-16043-X (054516043X)
ISBN-13: 978-0-545-16043-8 (9780545160438)
Publication Date: October 2009
List Price: $14.99

Review: Malice is real, and itís deadly, and itís written by Chris Wooding! ďOnce you get into the story, thereís no way out.Ē Everyoneís heard the rumors about Malice. If you gather 6 different items, and say the ďwordsĒ 6 times, you will be whisked away by Tall Jake (the bad dude) into a whole new world, where the only things that exist are death and darkness. Oh, and did I tell you that all this horrifying stuff takes place in a COMIC! Itís a world that few know about Ö and even fewer survive.

Seth and Kady, two friends think itís all a joke, but when their best friend Luke disappears after saying the chant, Seth and Kady donít laugh at it anymore. But their friend said it as a joke, thatís not fair; to Tall Jake it is though. He doesnít care, when you call him, he comes, when you say ďÖ take me awayĒ he will take you away! Itís his job, to horrify people, but itís your job to stay alive. Inside of Malice is classified information, the only thing I could tell you is, to stay away from it, take it out of your brain or else you either get the time sucked out of you or you get eaten alive by a clockwork keeper and many other ďcreaturesĒ! But Iíve already told you TOO MUCH, go for yourself if you want to find out! ITíS MALICE. YOU CANíT ESCAPE.

Malice is horrifying, but who said horrifying isnít the new cool??? I know I didnít! This book written and drawn by Chris Wooding is one of the best part novel/part comic books Iíve ever read! My favorite part is when Seth, Kady and Justin are fighting the huge music monster and Seth kills it with the bow and arrow. This book is very amusing; I just couldnít put it DOWN! It is amusing because of two main things, one, its characters have come alive, unless Iím seeing things, thatís how much Mr. Wooding has worked on Malice, putting imagery, and suspense and a good setting! Oh, also the setting is also very well developed in the story, the author made Malice real even though itís a fake world of monsters and death, oh!, and also darkness! Malice deserves a 5 star rating for its entertaining action, suspense, and imagery. This book is first in a series and I canít wait to read the second one titled Havoc!

Review written by Karan, Grade 6. Date of review: February 2010.