First Clues: Mysteries for Kids

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First Clues: Mysteries for Kids. Series for Apprentice Sleuths (Ages 13 and older).

13th Reality
Also Known As
Amanda Christie
Aphra Connolly
Becca King
Bloodwater Mysteries
Boy Sherlock Holmes
Casey Templeton
Chloe & Levesque
Claire Voyante
Conspiracy 365
Danger Zone
Dead Is …
Dreamhouse Kings

Embassy Row
Escape from Furnace
Faith Flores
Forensic Mysteries
Forest of Hands
Gallagher Girls
Get Jack Reacher
Heist Society
Hunger Games
Joshua Files
Kari and Lucas
Kids on a Case
Mary Quinn, Agency
The Maze Runner
Mickey Bolitar
Point Last Seen

Prep School Confidential
Rayne Tour
Rich and Jade
Roman Mysteries
Ryan Dooley
Sally Lockhart
Scarlett Wakefield
Screech Owls
Seer & Scribe
Shadow Grail
Shelby Belgarden
Steel Trapp
St. Jude's Academy
Third Pig
Tom Marlowe
Travis Delaney
Young Spenser

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