First Clues: Mysteries for Kids

New Sleuths (Ages 4-6) • Junior Sleuths (Ages 7-9) • Cadet Sleuths (Ages 10-12) • Apprentice Sleuths (Ages 13 and older)

First Clues: Mysteries for Kids. Series for Cadet Sleuths (Ages 10-12).

39 Clues
Abbey Mysteries
Accidental Detectives
Acorn Mysteries
Alex Rider
Alex Rider Graphic
Allie Nichols, Ghost
American Girl
American Girl Mini
Angus Adams
Animal Healer
Anna-Mae Mysteries
Artemis Fowl
Ashley Enright
Audacity Jones
Baker St. Irregulars
Barnaby Grimes
Bean and Ab
Benedict Society
Benjamin Pratt
Bethesda Fielding
Bitsy Burroughs
Bloodhounds, Inc.
Book Scavenger
Bowser and Birdie
Brixton Brothers
Bug Muldoon
Cabin Creek
Camp Club Girls
Carson Kids
Century Quartet
Character Mysteries
Charlie Collier
Chicagoland Detective
Chickadee Court
Club CSI
Clubhouse Mysteries
Code of Silence
Crime and Puzzlement
Crime Through Time
Darwen Arkwright
The Deadlies
Detective Zach
Dewey Mac Maker
Diamond Brothers
Dog and His Girl
Double Vision
Echo Falls
Eddie Red
Eel Grass Girls
Eighth Day
Ellery Queen Jr.
Encyclopedia Brown
Enola Holmes
Fairday Morrow
Famous Five
Felony Bay
Field Trip
First Kids
Foster Twins

Friday Barnes
Gates Family
Gecko and Sticky
Gilda Joyce
Grim Hill
Hannah West
Hardy Boys Original
Hardy Boys Adventures
Hardy Boys Graphic
Hardy Boys New Case Files
Hardy Boys Undercover
Harry Potter
Haunted Museum
Haunted Mysteries
Hawaiian Island
Herculeah Jones
Houdini and Nate
Infinity Ring
I, Q
Jack Lime
Jack Russell
Jackson Greene
Janna Mysteries
Jennie McGrady
Johnny Dixon
Jonah Bixby
Kingdom Keepers
Knox Chase
Lady Grace
Lantern Sam
Last Apprentice
Laura Marlin
Lawless School
Lenny & the Mikes
Lunch Lady
Madison Kincaid
Maggie Brooklyn
Marty Chan
Math Inspectors
Matt Stevens
Max Finder
Max and Me
Mickey Rangel
Miniature Art
Minute Mysteries
Model Undercover
Morpheus Road
Mysteries of Middlefield
Mysteries in Time
Mysterious Four
Nancy Drew Original
Nancy Drew Diaries
Nancy Drew Diaries GN
Nancy Drew Girl Detective
Nancy Drew Graphic
Nancy Drew Case Files
Nate and Basset

National Park
Neil Flambe
Nicki Holland
Nick and Tesla
No Place Like Holmes
On the Run
Oona Crate
Outlaws of Sherwood Street
Penelope Tredwell
Phyllis Wong
P. K. Pinkerton
Platypus Police Squad
Pretty Darn Scary
Pumpkin Falls
Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective
Raven League
Raven Mysteries
Red Blazer Girls
Red Rock Mysteries
Riley Donovan
Riley Mack
Ruby Redfort
Sam the Cat
Sammy Keyes
Samurai Detective
Secret Series
Sherlock Files
Sherlock Holmes Graphic
Sherlock, Lupin and Me
Sherry Holmes Baldwin
Sisters Grimm
Sixty-Eight Rooms
Skeleton Creek
Skulduggery Pleasant
Something Wickedly Weird
Sophie Taylor and Lilian Rose
Spiderwick Chronicles
Stanley Wells
Starbuck Twins
Steve and Kendra
Steve and Susan Sports
Stevie Diamond
Suzanna Snow
Theodore Boone
Thrilling Tales
Time Spies
T. J. Jackson
Treasure Hunters
True Girls
Vega Jane
Vicki Silver
Wells & Wong
Whiz Tanner
Wollstonecraft Detective Agency
Wright and Wong
Young Bond
Young Sherlock Holmes
Zeke Armstrong

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