First Clues: Mysteries for Kids

New Sleuths (Ages 4-6) • Junior Sleuths (Ages 7-9) • Cadet Sleuths (Ages 10-12) • Apprentice Sleuths (Ages 13 and older)

First Clues: Mysteries for Kids. Series for New Sleuths (Ages 4-6).

Ace Lacewing
Arthur Chapter Books
Benny and Watch
Buddy Files
Bunnicula and Friends

Busytown Mysteries
Detective Dinosaur
Dirk Bones
Greetings from Somewhere
Hamster Holmes
Harriet Bean
High-Rise Private Eyes
Jigsaw Jones
Joe Dumpty

Joe Sherlock
Max and Maddy
Mermaid Mysteries
Mystery Pups
Nate the Great
Pony Mysteries
Sly the Sleuth
Young Cam Jansen

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